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Stay safe this winter

As the weather gets colder conditions for driving can be unpredictable and difficult at times. Take a few minutes to read our guide and consider some of the practical steps you can take to stay safe this winter.
Stopping distances can increase up to 10 times in icy and snow conditions? At 30 miles an hour it could take up to 200 meters to come to a stop – 2.5 times the length of a football pitch!

With winter approaching, ensure your car is fit for driving. It might sound basic, but have you considered: Maintenance: is your MOT and service up to date and car free from any niggles? Tyres: are they at the correct pressure? Is there enough tread? Does the battery need testing or replacing? Winter is the most common time for them to fail so don’t get caught out Has your car enough antifreeze and screen wash, appropriate to your car type? Windscreens get dirtier in the winter months and antifreeze wash essential to clear them when it’s cold And just in case the worst happens, it’s worth packing an ‘Emergency Supplies Kit’ and storing it in your car throughout the winter.

Read our guidance sheet here: Stay safe this winter.

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