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Network stands up to Covid strain

The Connect+ Network is raring to go getting back to business quickly and efficiently post Covid. They’re reporting no issues in capacity or supplies, partly due to strong relationships with their suppliers and due to a slower return for fleet than retail.

All Fleet Services echo this. Volume remains unpredictable, SMR bookings are typically 70-75% of pre-Covid values however have peaked as high as 89% the week restrictions lifted. Given the economic conditions and the impact of job losses and cost savings they forecast the market to lift and stabilise at about 80% of previous volumes for the foreseeable future.

Chris O’Sullivan whose garage is part of the Connect+ Network commented “As far as the parts supply is concerned, some suppliers have had issues, which does seem to have improved greatly, we have very strong relationships with our suppliers, especially with the volume and level of business, so currently the parts supply hasn’t hindered our daily business activity. We have capacity to do more”.

The changing MOT guidelines from 1st August will have an impact on this, however All Fleet Services believe we will see the true volume come through in Q4 with a peak in December. This rise is predicted to be approx. 9.5% above the norm and not expected to cause any capacity issues within the network.

Dave Scobie, Managing Director at All Fleet Services commented, “The impact of Covid on our industry can not be underestimated in the short or long term. But we’re proud of our Connect+ Network of independent garages. Their commitment and strength of relationships with suppliers has meant that we haven’t experienced the capacity issues or parts delay and additional downtime that others have. We’re working hard to support them in the same way they’ve supported our customers”.

The Connect+ Network of independent garages is growing rapidly. For more information about the joining network and how All Fleet Services are changing the way they approach Network Management please get in contact:

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